Office Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 AM - 2 PM. (By Appointment Only)

Our Services

Utility Assistance

Surayya Anne assistance program is for families living within the Oklahoma City/Metro Area that have received a cut-off notice or a first time deposit. (Only in extreme cases will we assist with a utility that is currently off). We take applications for electric, water and gas bills assistance.
Assistance is limited to no more than $200 per person and must be in the applicants name with a valid ID.
*We are unable to pay cellphone, cable, or internet bills.

Rental Assistance - (ON HOLD)

Rental assistance clients are seen on an appointment basis. The program is for families/individuals in the Oklahoma City metro area that have received an eviction notice. Applications are evaluated based on need, and assistance is provided only once in a calendar year. 

Assistance amount is limited to $500 per case, and is paid through check to the property itself.
* We are unable to pay mortgage bills.

Food Assistance

Surayya Anne Foundation OKC in partnership with Mercy Food Pantry, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and Feeding America work together to provide food to those in need. During COVID-19 the food bank hours are:
  • Thursday  12pm to 2pm
  • Sunday     12pm to 2pm

Due to COVID-19 precautions, there will be no client choice or direct contact.

With an abundance of caution, you will be directed to pick up a box from the front area and return to your car.

All updates will be posted on the Facebook page. Please follow “Mercy Pantry” for real time updates.

Gas Voucher / Bus Pass Assistance

On a case by case basis, clients may be eligible to get a ride to/from a job interview through ride share services. 

Referral Assistance

For families/individuals struggling with mental health, disability issues, or are transitioning into civil life from prison, we provide support by referring to partner agencies for the right solution. We work with clients individually to optimize their budgets and expenses, resume building and job applications. 

Skills Development Classes - (ON HOLD)

On a quarterly basis, Surayya Anne Foundation OKC hosts practical education classes by qualified instructors to improve quality of the lives of the clients. There is no cost to attend but donations are welcome. The topics include self defense, self improvement, health, gardening, and financial counseling. Please check our Facebook page for current updates.

Diapers Program

Surayya Anne Foundation OKC provides diaper and wipes packs to infants, toddlers, and the elderly in need. Applications are required and are evaluated for approval. 

*Diaper handout days are announced on our Facebook and Instagram page.

Care Packages and Client Care Programs

Surayya Anne Foundation provides hygiene and seasonal client care packages throughout the year. Please follow us on social media for updates on these programs.