Office Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 AM - 2 PM. (By Appointment Only)

Quick Facts

Do You Provide Classes?

Yes. Each quarter we host a variety of classes meant to assist and to educate clients in areas of finance, health, food, self-improvement, self-sustaining activities, and even fun! Please check our facebook page for current class schedules.
* Currently on hold during Covid-19.

Do You Assist With Utilities

Yes. We take applications for electric, water and gas bills assistance. In emergency situations, we can assist with cut off notices. They are approved case by case, and must be in the client’s name, and amounts vary based upon current budget.

Do You Assist With Food?

Yes. We partner with Mercy food pantry in the same building with a variety of fresh and shelf sustainable items. Please contact the office for current dates and times.

Do You Help with Eviction Notices?

Yes, if a court ruling has not already been issued. They are approved case by case when finances are available.
*Currently on hold.

Do You Help Women Transitioning from Prison?

Yes. In many cases we offer professional clothing, job interviewing skills, resume building in an effort to secure employment.